The Problem with Unhealthy Eating in the US

The Problem with Unhealthy Eating in the US

Unhealthy eating is one of the most significant factors that cause obesity and related diseases like heart problems, cancer, and diabetes. The bigger tragedy is that a large chunk of the population does not realize this. According to a survey, 75% of the US population believes they eat healthy while the evidence reflects the contrary (Source:

You must have got the feeling by now. Obesity is an ongoing and increasing epidemic in the US. However, there is no need to panic. One can begin with healthy eating as soon as they realize the problem. 

Time to Reset Yourself 

The commendable thing is that you are ready to shift towards a healthier lifestyle. Although leaving unhealthy food will be difficult for you, healthy eating will get you hooked once you start. 

Your body will feel lighter, and it will become easy to focus on daily tasks. You will observe a sudden uplift in stamina and mood. And it is no coincidence as nutritional Psychiatrists have long been associating healthy eating with mental health. 

According to Harvard Health, your diet has a direct impact on your mood and psychological health. Eating junk and excessive amounts of sugar can harm your brain and aggravate mood disorders like anxiety and depression. 

These problems can be avoided with a ‘clean’ diet and regular exercise. We understand that everyone wants to eat delicious food, but no one wants to feel depressed and develop fatal diseases. Therefore, in this article, we have gathered a few ways to help you eat your way to better health.