Our Team

The management team of Insight has over 40 years experience in Radiology management, healthcare development and project management. Our unique and diverse talents allow us to customize solutions according to our client’s needs.



As Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Insight Vascular Consultants, Mr. Reddick has an extensive background in outpatient medical market, owning and operating outpatient clinical and ambulatory surgical centers. Notable accomplishments include: Building and co-managing a network of 8 urgent care centers in 3 states, developing an outpatient cancer treatment program, developing and operating a multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center, including consulting on business development of several other surgery centers throughout the United States, and negotiating the development of a $200M medical center.  Mr Reddick also serves as a cardiac critical care physician assistant at the Stanford University Medical Center Division of Cardiovascular Medicine.

Troy Shane, RN, RT(R), ISSCA-C


As  an owner and consultant, Mr. Shane has spent 22 years in interventional  endovascular medicine. He has provided direct hands-on care in the areas of Endovascular Surgery, Regenerative Medicine,  and wound care. Having been trained as a specialty nurse and radiologic technologist, he has put those vast array of experiences and backgrounds to use. He has helped physicians maximize their skill sets to bring the highest level of patient care in both the inpatient and outpatient environments. He has consulted with some of the leaders in industry, specializing in cardiac and peripheral lifesaving techniques, as well as  quality of life improvement through his work in generative medicine and  wound care. Troy is also a former Marine, where he developed and cultivated great leadership and organizational team models.

Gary K. Chandler


Gary Chandler has a BS in Accounting from the University of Delaware and spent 6 years as a CPA with Arthur Andersen & Co.’s auditing division, providing financial support services to customers in Banking, Manufacturing, Service and Healthcare. Mr. Chandler has held leadership positions at multiple companies including: Director of Risk Management, Director of Audit, Executive Director, CFO and CEO. He was a minority shareholder in Fidelity Insurance Group which offered risk and non-risk health insurance products in the Mid-Atlantic region, and was bought out by United Health Care after growing its Physician Network and business base. Mr. Chandler is also the Co-Founder of several healthcare businesses that provide products and services to physicians and other healthcare organizations which focus on improving patient outcomes and operating results.